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Nothing is more frustrating than arriving home to find out your tarmac drive way has been poorly laid.

It’s bad enough having to deal with the problem, but then to have to do it all again with another tarmac driveways Birmingham contractor? That’s just not fair!

Majesticlay are the leaders in tarmac and block paving Birmingham for 27 years. We lay tarmac driveways that are guaranteed not to crack or fade for at least 10 years, giving you peace of mind that you are receiving premium quality paving that will look great for years after its installation.

We offer a friendly and professional service for driveways and all paving, working hard to make sure our customers are completely satisfied. 

Benefits of Tarmac Driveways

  1. Fast & Easy Installation
  2. Weather Resistant
  3. Easy & Low-Cost to Maintain
  4. More Cost Effective That Concrete
  5. Handles Heavy Vehicle Traffic
  6. Attractive Surface in Both Red & Black


Billy Hamilton
Billy Hamilton
I would highly recommend majesticlay birmingham driveway if yoir looking for a company who price matches the quality. We spoke with a bunch of companies about the imprinted concrete for our home but were most impressed with these guys. Their professionalism shown through and we liked the price. We had them for about 5 days this included all the preparation and installation and cleanup. The lads who done the work were a freindly lot and love a cup of tea on the job!
Gaz Hamilton
Gaz Hamilton
Cant recommend this driveway contractor highly enough to do paving which we just got done. It was a pretty big job and they tackled within a week with no problems everything was great from start to finish. Best in Birmingham.

Red Tarmac Drives Look Fantastic!

Our Commercial Tarmac Services In Birmingham

We design, supply and install all aspects of commercial tarmac including new build and refurbishment, parking areas, drives and footways for a range of clients including local authorities, schools and colleges, hospitals, retail parks, local businesses and housing associations. All our work is fully compliant with the latest legislation from the Health & Safety Executive.

We also provide specialist advice on drainage issues relating to commercial tarmac sites. We pride ourselves on our ability to resolve complex drainage issues.

  • Car Parks
  • Sports Courts
  • Road & Pothole Repairs
  • Pavements
  • School Play Areas
  • Footpaths

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Your Specialists For Tarmac Drives

There are two main colours of tarmac: black and red.  Black, we already know as the stuff we drive around on all day.  It can make your driveway look solid, smart, and sustainable.  Red tarmac, meanwhile, can give a distinctive, classy feel to your property, providing a subtle contrast to surrounding roads and foliage.

Red and black tarmac are equally attractive options and have no bearing on the quality of the tarmac itself.  Either way, you’ll have a weed and water-resistant surface that’s quick to install, quick to dry, and will benefit you for many years.  All at an affordable price.

But for all its simplicity, black or red tarmac can cause headaches when not installed by experts.  The obvious worry is that the surface will crack or be laid unevenly, leaving you exposed to everything from poor drainage to potholes.  Although areas of tarmac can be fixed, it’s money you can save by investing in quality work.

The devil is in the detail.  Things like poor edging can make the best driveway look shabby, with bad workmanship possibly affecting the look and value of your whole property.  It’s not just you who’ll notice, your neighbours might see too, as could potential buyers.      

The right driveway can add up to 10% to your property’s value, but it’s a job that only trusted, expert contractors like Majesticlay can do professionally.  Get in touch with us by phone or e-mail for a friendly, no-obligation quote for tarmac including red tarmac driveways. 

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