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It might not seem glamorous, but tarmac can enhance your property, providing it’s laid properly by driveway contractors in Birmingham like Majesticlay. Here, we’re going to take a quick look at the benefits of using tarmac for a driveway, and the options it offers. 

However, finding a local business to give you exactly what your looking for and a stress-free experience can be a challenge. However, look no further than Majesticlay because the moment you make contact with us we will aim to make the whole process a simple and enjoyable one.

Benefits Of Tarmac

Our Tarmac Driveway Process

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Red & Black Tarmac Drives

There are two main colours of tarmac: black and red.  Black, we already know as the stuff we drive around on all day.  It can make your driveway look solid, smart, and sustainable.  Red tarmac, meanwhile, can give a distinctive, classy feel to your property, providing a subtle contrast to surrounding roads and foliage.

Red and black tarmac are equally attractive options and have no bearing on the quality of the tarmac itself.  Either way, you’ll have a weed and water-resistant surface that’s quick to install, quick to dry, and will benefit you for many years.  All at an affordable price.

But for all its simplicity, tarmac can cause headaches when not installed by experts.  The obvious worry is that the surface will crack or be laid unevenly, leaving you exposed to everything from poor drainage to potholes.  Although areas of tarmac can be fixed, it’s money you can save by investing in quality work.

The devil is in the detail.  Things like poor edging can make the best driveway look shabby, with bad workmanship possibly affecting the look and value of your whole property.  It’s not just you who’ll notice, your neighbours might see too, as could potential buyers.      

The right driveway can add up to 10% to your property’s value, but it’s a job that only trusted, expert contractors like Majesticlay can do professionally.  Get in touch with us by phone or e-mail for a friendly, no-obligation quote.

Customer Reviews

"Very professional team, job was finished on agreed timescale and delighted with everything. Transformed our old driveway into something more durable and better looking. I would have no hesitations in recommending them to family or friends."
Jon Ross
"Excellent job on my driveway pro service and great lads."
Billy Hamilton
"Brilliant quality of work i would really recommend these guys to anyone looking for a good company to do there driveway in birmingham."
Zack Sampson

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