Sealing A Block Paved Driveway

Having a driveway paved by local your local block paving Birmingham contractors experts is a beautiful addition to your home and is an investment worth protecting. One such way to protect is to have it sealed. This is a process that you can either do on your own or have professionally done for you. There is a little bit of debate on whether this is a necessary treatment so we will take a look at some of the most crucial benefits of sealing your block paved driveway.

What Are the Benefits?


Protection From the elements

  • Sealing protects your block pavement from the harsh effects of the elements. Keep your investing looking pristine for years to come and improve your property value. Rain, ice, sleet. snow, sand, and friction are just a few dangers your block pavement may be facing.

Weeds Meet There Match!

  • Weeds are a pesky foe no matter where they pop up but you especially don’t want them rearing their ugly head between your pavement. A proper sealant wards away this kind of invasive growth by essentially creating an impenetrable barrier between the ground below and the pavement above. The small space between the blocks may not look big enough for anything to grow but life always finds a way. You’d be surprised the difference a coat of sealant can make.

Maintains the Block Paving Colour

  • Left unprotected a non-sealed block pavement is left vulnerable to various kinds of discolouration and staining. Oil and vehicle fluids, algae, dirt, and grime and even the sun are just a few things that can leave your pristine investment looking drab and dull. A sealant protects against these adversaries quite effectively. UV resistant sealants are also available to help prevent fading from sunlight.

Resistant to Degradation

  • Another benefit of having your block pavement sealed is that it creates a stronger and tighter bond between the blocks. Over time erosion can wash away the jointing sand. A proper sealant solves this issue and creates pavement that is substantially stronger and resistant to degradation.

Strong Waterproof Seal

  • A sealant by definition creates a waterproof seal that doesn’t let liquids past. This helps protect the ground beneath the pavement from the seepage of potential toxins from vehicles as well as water. When water gets between blocks and freezes it expands which can create damage both structurally and aesthetically. While It is true that an unsealed driveway will seal itself somewhat overtime being filled with dust, sand, and debris, this natural seal is substantially weaker than a job sealed with a decent sealant coat.

Leaves A More Impressive Finish

  • A sealed block pavement driveway also just looks better. It’s a finishing touch that definitely ties the job together. It’s like the finish added to a piece of treated wood or a signature to a painting. It provides a uniform coating that ties the work together in a highly professional way.


Going the extra mile and sealing your block paving is a decision that won’t be regretted. By protecting your driveway you are increasing the value of your property both in terms of finance and aesthetics. If you have the time and money to put towards this simple solution you will be saving your driveway from a plethora of potential ailments that are all preventable.

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