As a paving contractor in Birmingham, we believe you can do no better than call us today to arrange a visit to your home to discuss what work you require. Companies who specialize are available in the city, making it challenging for you to find the best services to do your work Our happy customers vouch for us as the #1 paving contractors to choose for all your home driveway needs.

So, What Can Our Expert Paving Do for You? 

Our clients generally are either referred to us or find us at the top of Google for Block Paving Contractor Birmingham. This is because we are the best for all paved surfaces. We have the man power, expertise and experience to help you create a design that best suits your property.

We do this by making sure everything we build complements your home. Some of these additions may include footpaths and walls. Additionally, as an expert business, we specialise in both residential and commercial projects.  We guarantee only to use high-quality materials and the best equipment to help bring your specific project together. 

What is Paving? 

Its is used as a decorative method of creating a hard-standing surface. One of the primary benefits of using bricks compared to other materials is that they can easily be replaced when these bricks become damage or worn. 

Generally, they are made from clay or concrete while including composite material. Concrete blocks included in this type of construction are typically made from porous material and may consist of recycled elements like old building rubble and crushed glass. 

Using these blocks during the installation process can help us achieve various laying patterns. One of the most popular patterns we use is the herringbone pattern. The reason behind this popularity is because it offers the strongest bond from its interlocking feature. Our own trusted professionals here at Majesticlay can offer effective solutions when creating these laying patterns for you. 

What Block Paving Can We Offer You?

Block paving a driveway in Birmingham is one of the most popular and cost-effective ways of decorating your driveway. It can not only last for years but increases your home value.

However, finding paving contractor to give you exactly what you’re looking for and give a stress-free experience can sometimes be difficult. From the moment you make contact with us we will aim to make the whole process to get a no obligation free quote very simple and fast. 

As block paving experts we know a thing or two and we’re going to have a quick, jargon-free look at what the advantages are of block paving, your options when it comes to style and how to maintain. With over a decade’s worth of experience we know what we’re talking about and have you covered.

Our block paving contractors build quality drives, and patios. Block paving is known for its enhanced strength offered from the interlocking of the bricks used. It’s durable, attractive and easy-to-maintain compared to some other driveway surfaces. We are equipped to successfully and effectively install this design and other surfacing areas on your residential or commercial property. 

Apart from the exceptional benefits mentioned it also provides a more modern look for your home. However, you can only really guarantee exceptional workmanship by using the right contractors paving service, which is why you need us to carry at your work. Our experience, knowledge and expertise ensure that your installation is top-quality and enhances the value of your house and surrounding property.

There are different laying patterns. The most common block paving patterns are 90-degree herringbone, basket-weave and stretcher bond.

Our various styles include the following:


installing cobblestone use spherical stones (commonly called cobblestones) when constructing this surface. Including stream and river cobbles in this design offers an aesthetically pleasing flawed shape as the water has smoothed these stones. When choosing cobblestone, we will create well-finished and decorous outdoor floors, typically weatherproof and long-lasting. 

A customer might choose cobblestone because this is incredibly durable. Cobblestone works best for areas that receive heavy traffic all year long and is a great option for commercial and residential driveways. Additionally, cobblestone prevents a build-up of ruts that are commonly found on dirt roads. Another benefit of cobblestone is that it immediately drains water. Meaning it doesn’t get dusty in dry weather or muddy in wet weather. 

cobblestone driveway cost uk

If you want a natural block paving look that would have been used back during the age of streetlamps and carriages, look no further than cobblestone paving. Cobblestone is perfect for the lead up to the drive, as it is a collection of small blocks all fitted together, and that makes it very durable. Plus, if you are looking for this type of style, the cobblestones work very well as an ‘old world’ charm. The paving brings back memories of a simpler time, and you might even feel like you are walking down an old road when you set foot on these stones.


Tegula is a lightly-weathered and multi-size system that offers exceptional aesthetics to any home. It includes natural stone setts that come in a versatile range for distinctive schemes and more traditional drives for your residential property. This type is commonly used for both patios, and driveways. 

One of the major benefits of this tegula is that it’s equipped with exceptional hard-wearing properties. Additionally, we might install this type of material in areas with high traffic because of its enhanced durability and strength. 

Meaning it’s an excellent addition to residential and commercial driveways. However, it should be ideally installed by experts like us. This will help guarantee your tegula paving pattern design will be constructed and installed correctly.

tegula block paving laying patterns

Tegula paving isn’t just very beautiful, it also work’s exceptionally well on drives. This paving It’s designed to withstand heavy foot and car traffic with its hard-wearing properties, and the mixed shades and shapes gives it a nice random effect. This style of driveway block paving is one of our most popular. Our team can come out and get this paving installed, and it can be used for both walling, patios, and curbside. No matter how you end up using it, this paving has an elegant effect and also looks very unique both from afar and up close.


So, you’ve decided that a patio is going to complete your garden and outdoor living space. However, you aren’t sure what would be best. That’s where we come in to save the day. When enlisting in our services for your house improvement, we can help you navigate the various options and pick the one that best suits your needs 

We are equipped to provide and lay either concrete slabs, natural stone, or porcelain for you. In addition, we’re equipped to provide you with information on these various types and help you choose the right one. 

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From here, our service can formulate a written guarantee that covers the work we’re going to do for you. Our goal is to ensure that our clients gain the best solution for their home that fits the existing appearance of their property while aligning with their budget.  

Stepping away from driveways there’s no reason why your patio area shouldn’t get some love as well. The patio is a great place to gather with friends, family in the summertime. 

The patio needs to be just right when it comes to its design, and we makes sure that your patios are paved to perfection. You might never want to leave the patio once it is fully paved!

Where Can You Have Paving?

Brick is generally used for driveways. It’s commonly used because it offers a stylish addition to any property while you have a wide selection of choices when designing. It’s also a popular addition to a patio area for the same reasons. Additionally, its inclusion in light traffic areas makes it an excellent solution because of its strength from interlocking and replacing individual bricks when needing easy repairs. 

What Are the Benefits I Get With Paving?

This is a popular surface solution because of the massive range of advantages gained when having this installed. Even though this option is more expensive than others, it lasts longer when maintained properly. Additionally, this option offers many other benefits, such as: 

our process

It all begins with site preparation and the required excavation. The site may need to be edged out and a sub-base if the land is soft or has soft spots. Adding this sub-base provides a more stable foundation before the install.

All projects are filled with a standard sub-base, while the foundation needs to be compacted for enhanced stability. From here, a layer of sand needs to be laid on top, which is then raked and checked with screening rails and string lines. Doing this ensures it is level. 

From here, we start laying the brick to ensure that it’s laid out in your desired pattern while the colours flow in the right way for this specific pattern. Our contractors then use blocks to ensure that you aren’t left with significant colour shading patches. This is something that we on occasions see when tearing up and relaying. 

After we have laid, kiln dried sand is brushed into the joints while compacted using a vibrating plate. This process helps strengthen the interlocking capability present with these blocks. Additionally, this process ensures that the bricks are laid level. We then repeat this procedure for a second time to ensure that these joints are filled correctly. 

Advantages of Hiring a Licensed Paving Business?

You would not seek out a brain surgeon to MOT your car. The same goes for installation a new home entrance. Hiring professionals who are experienced and also licensed helps ensure that this job is done correctly and to the highest standards. Many benefits come with hiring a highly recommended local service like Majesticlay.

Some of these advantages include: 

  • Reduced liability
  • High-quality results
  • Saving your money and time
  • Receiving expert opinions

However, it can be challenging to find the best, even after asking the important questions outlined above. That’s why we have put together some more useful questions to help ensure you pick the right local business for your needs. These tips include: 

patio paving contractors near me

Conduct Background Research

Before you hire anyone, you should conduct a little research on the type of design you want. We strongly recommend taking some time to browse online and talk to family or friends who can share their own encounters with companies they have hired in the past. 

When conducting this research, you should try to get an idea of what type of house entrance your looking for. You might find it beneficial to find some pictures on the Internet of any driveways you like. This all helps for inspiration and design ideas. 

Seek Multiple Quotes 

As we have mentioned before, it’s always recommended to talk to various businesses and seek at least three quotes. From here, you should agree on what you would like built with the budget you have. This is where you can talk about product options, price, and guarantee time. Before this estimate is approved, you should also ask these businesses if they cover waste removal in this quote. 

Additionally, you should let each business know that you’re obtaining quotes from multiple providers. Doing this kind of research can help with getting a quality job done for a good price. Finally, gather these quotes together as you receive them and rank which are the best. It would be best if you thought about all the qualities you like in a local business. So many things can help you sway your decision. The all-around professionalism, the price, the timescales, the skill level etc.  

Ask About the contractor’s Experience and Reputation

Understanding the reputation of a business can help you decide what type of company you want to hire for your project. You should ask around friends or family to see if anyone has any contacts. Additionally, social media is an excellent way to gain a feel for the team. If they have a social media page, you can find reviews and responses from previous customers.

Continuing on your search, you can check their business website and local listings similar to our own on Google. From here, you can see how long they’ve been in business and again see comments left about their overall conduct and ability as a business. So again, a vetted local business like us can help you get the guarantee you need about a service you need.

Get a Detailed and Written Quotation (Avoid Verbal Quotations at All Costs!)

It’s vital to understand that the lesser know businesses who do door to door sales can have really great sales pitches and promise to do a fantastic sounding job for a cheap price. Cowboys like this can fool people into believing this is true. The best way to deal with this to  ask them to show you real reviews from the Internet. 

When receiving a quotation it should include

  • A detailed image or sketch of the work that needs to be undertaken includes the area you need to pave and any side notes available.
  • Terms and conditions.
  • Warranty cover.
  • Payment terms for install.
  • The total cost for this installed and completed (including any applicable VAT)

After receiving a quotation, you should read through everything to ensure that you understand what labour will be carried out at your property. 

We also advise customers to negotiate payment terms that support you both. For example, most businesses require a deposit from a customer to confirm the job or pay for some equipment upfront. The balance of this money is typically requested once the job has been completed.

However, we recommend having a look through your completed installation before you release the final payment. If it fails to comply with the details set out in your written quotation, you should speak up and insist on the job’s proper completion. 

Why Should You Choose us?

Many benefits come with enlisting in professionals like us with a team of exceptionally skilled tradesmen, time served and members of The GMC Group. We value our customers and will offer the best-installation. That’s why we are in high demand. We offer competitive pricing that’s equipped to work with your specific budget. Additionally, our time management is impeccable, and we can tackle a pretty massive job and get it done within a week or two without any issues. 

You can contact us today to offer you an accurate week’ lead-time for your specific needs. As a company with many years of experience, we offer the best driveways around town and cover various surfacing needs and preferences. Additionally, we also offer a cost breakdown for this that includes VAT information. 

If that isn’t good enough, we also don’t ask our customers for money upfront. When using our service, or any other surface, you only pay for this when you’re 100 per cent satisfied with the work we have done and approved. We also don’t make any false promises and take great pride in the quality of labour we can provide you with. 

Additionally, our excellent communication systems ensure that you remain in the loop during the entire installation process. Our team also ensures that we remain clean and tidy during the construction process. Finally, we offer up-to-date planning permissions to our clients, making us who you want to call when you’re seeking the best in the city. 

So call us today 0121 752 9186 or visit our paving contractor home page to fill in your details for a call back. 

faq's for paving contractor

If your property is appearing a little lackluster or you are looking to increase the value of your house you might want to rejuvenate it. However, drives, patios and other surface materials like red & black tarmac need to be designed and installed to perfection if you wish to achieve the desired look you want. Thus, hiring us to do the labour is of course going to be a vital part of this whole process. 

To ensure that you choose the right commercial or residential paving contractor we’ve created a list of crucial questions you should be asking when vetting any potential contractors and starting a contract.

The size of a common driveway in the UK can range from 5.5 m2 for one car space to 21 m2 for a two-car space area. However, the average cost associated with laying concrete  can cost between 50 pounds for every m2, with the respective labor costs of around 200 and 450 pounds for each day of work.

Nonetheless, these labor costs are dependent on the complexity of the specific job being performed when installing this driveway.

Therefore, we can provide you with solutions that align with your budget when seeking a new property entrance. 

The average cost to lay is 50 m2 can range between 3,500 pounds in the cheapest regions making up the UK while costing approximately 5,000 pounds in more expensive locations.

We offer tailor-made solutions that fit your budget while ensuring quality results. 

Overall, resin-bound for driveways in the UK is cheaper than other alternatives. However, the resin is seen as less durable and doesn’t offer interlocking features for added strength.

Additionally, the inclusion of individual blocks makes for easy and cheap repairs that can’t be offered when performing repairs on resin-bound.

When making changes or enhancements to your property, one of the first things you need to obviously consider is the cost. Additionally, this is a question that will help you shortlist companies. There is zero point in continuing with a conversation once you’ve established that they are either too expensive or cheap.  Understanding this can save you time and help you find the right business faster. As Birmingham’s #1 we’re certainly not the cheapest in town, but we are competitive alongside many reputable local businesses who do similar labour to us.

The cheapest quotation might not be the best option for you. Searching for keywords like “cheap paving contractor near me” will most of the time lead to substandard job, which you want to avoid at all costs. A low costing build might have its benefits to you especially when you’re on a tight budget but companies that offer this can be too good to be true and lack professionalism and artistry. It will result in potential problems later down and a poor all-round experience.

Overall, selecting the right contractor from the start is incredibly efficient for you and helps you receive the best price possible for what you desire. We recommend seeking at least three different quotations. From here, you can compare pricing while choosing the quotation that best suits your budgetary requirements. 

Most companies can easily talk about how fantastic they can design and build. However, it’s always best  to see their actual portfolio or something that demonstrates proof of past projects. Seeing this kind of evidence can help you better understand their capabilities as a business. In addition, it will help you envisage some possibilities for your home. We’re more than happy to provide you with ideas on the site visit. 

Deciding on a design for your garden patio or driveway is something else you need to consider well. Depending on what you want and desirable appearance, it can be sometimes hard to know where to begin. That’s why you might want someone who can offer advice on designing features as well.

A local business will speak to you about all aspects of design, including material options, layout, and size. Combining your personal design ideas with with a specialised company like Majesticlay will ensure that installation is practical and aesthetically appealing. At Majesticlay, we can 100% help guide you on what is best for your home.

When it comes to property renovations, setbacks and delays can happen. A contractor can construct an installation by the book and have it all finished according to schedule if they due their due diligence. However, sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances like bad weather. These obstacles could delay the completion of a job.

We, on the otherhand, will guarantee to complete the project at the time agreed during the quotation process. Doing this will help you organize your own schedule. It’s highly recommended that you get any time scale agreements down in writing from your chosen contractor. 

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