How to Clean a Birmingham Concrete Driveway

Even if nothing is ever consciously spilled on your concrete driveway, it is still going to get dirty. It’s porous, which means tiny holes in its surface fill with fine dust and dirt. One day, you’ll wonder how it got so messy? And lets face living in Birmingham or anywhere in the UK we are exposed to harsh weather conditions especially in the winter months.

Here are techniques to use for cleaning your pattern imprinted concrete, concrete patio or walkway and restoring to give it that “new” look. You don’t have to tell anyone you didn’t have new concrete installed. You can use these techniques on concrete lawn ornaments and planters as well.

  • Step 1

Prepare the area by sweeping with a patio broom. You can follow up with a standard floor broom to catch what the patio broom missed. Of course, you may vacuum the dirt from the concrete, but your much better of just using a good old-fashioned brush so you know you’ve done a good job.

  • Step 2

Pressure washing is a great way to blast the pores of the concrete clean. Before you start, cover any furniture you have that may come in contact, also any cars that may be damaged. Inside a garage or house, this really isn’t an option.

Make sure the nozzle is on fan for wide areas. You can remove quite a bit between walkway blocks with the jet option. Keep in mind, though, that if your concrete walkway is old or thin, this could damage it.

  • Step 3

For enclosed areas, such as a house, enclosed patio or garage, make your own cleaner. In 5 gallons of water, mix in one to two cups of oxygenated bleach. Using a mop or hand held sprayer, cover the area and allow to sit for a half hour.

If you’re sensitive to the smell or fumes from bleach, open some windows, but keep the area moist. Note: Never mix ammonia and bleach. The resulting fumes will cause your lungs to fill with fluid, and you could be killed.

Now for the fun part. Get the patio broom and scrub. You thought you got all the dirt up before, but now you’re seeing what’s beneath the “dirt” layer.

Mop up the dirty water and discard. Use the sprayer to introduce more cleaner, the mop to remove it. That way your wash water stays clean.

  • Step 4

Good old-fashioned kitty litter to the rescue. For spot cleaning or fresh motor oil dripped onto a garage floor or concrete driveway, generously cover it with kitty litter and leave overnight. Sweep up the oil-soaked litter in the morning, and scrub the area to remove any remaining stains.

Items to Use for Stain Removal On a Driveway or Patio

Sometimes, you just have to try different products or methods to get the results you want. If you’ve just purchased a property in the Birmingham, West Midlands area and the driveway/garage/patio is covered with unknown stains, start with one method and move onto the next.

Laundry detergent works wonders on a variety of stains.

Dawn dishwashing liquid works beautifully on motor oil. It’s best used on fresh stains.

Commercial cleaners such as TSP and muriatic acid should only be used by professionals. If you feel you need to use them, read and follow all of the safety precautions exactly. These are dangerous acid ‘”based products designed to chemically burn the stains out. They’ll burn you, too. If you don’t want to do any of the above these guys Jet Clean are recommended in the city

All driveways built with concrete get dirty over time. After you clean it, you may want to apply a driveway concrete sealer to keep it clean as long as possible. Find these products at your local DIY store. Follow the instructions to the letter, and allow up to three days before you use on the the concrete. Keep in mind they need to be reapplied periodically to keep your driveway clean.

If your looking for a new driveway either concrete, block paving or tarmac you can contact us a block paving Birmingham contractor like Majesticlay. We’re based 116 Sundridge Rd, Birmingham, B44 9PA. Be sure to call for your free estimate on 0121 752 9186. Check out more information and reviews here at Yell and My Local Services

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