Decorate Your Home Drive in Birmingham with Paving

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Brick pavers are probably the most popular modern choice for creating attractive hard surfaces in the garden.

Used in Birmingham on many residential patios, driveways, courtyards, walkways, and paths, they are compatible with every style of home and garden and provide a nice setting for surrounding garden planters.

For a block paving driveway not only looks good but is also very durable, virtually maintenance-free (except for those irritating weeds) and extremely versatile.

A block paving Birmingham contractor will help you decide from the many paving patterns to choose from, and these can be varied even further by combining two or more patterns or by using differently coloured pavers.

Choose a style that will blend within the overall landscape of your home, builders merchants like M & J Mahoney and Sons Ltd have a great selection to choose from.

If you already have a particular style of brick at your home you should try to continue in a similar style and colour: this will help to unify the different areas and create a single harmonious entity.

The overall, long term of paving can depend on adequate drainage from the paving surface. In this case, the paving must be slightly sloped to one side to allow water to run off freely. The need for adequate thickness and quality of the sub-base material is significant. 

Expect to take time over your next garden paving project, especially the initial preparation. The quality of the paving will largely be determined by the time and care spent on preparing the base and sub-base of the area. 

For best practice;

  • Before ordering any materials, decide on the paving pattern you are going to use, as you will need more blocks for the more complex patterns and circles that involve a lot of cutting. Also decide on your laying method, sand, or cement grouted. The latter is by far the easiest method for any beginner as it does not involve working with wet mortar – the pavers are laid together and then sand is brushed between them. 
  • Cement grouting means laying the pavers with a mortar joint in between. This method is ideal for more formal areas, but you do need some experience of working with mortar before trying it. 
  • There is nothing worse than running short of materials in the final stages of a project, although you may be able to do without some materials if you run into budget problems.  
  • It is always encouraged to have all the right tools as this will make the job easier to complete.

Happy brick paving.

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