how to pave a sloped driveway Preparation for a Sloped Driveway Knowing how to pave a sloped driveway the best way will help give character and definition. The driveway paving process for a driveway that has a slope is not complex as long as you have all the right materials and use proper lay technique.  Excellent …

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Dropping A Kerb In Birmingham

Having your kerb dropped or lowered by a paving contractor in Birmingham allows you to drive smoothly — and legally — from the road, over the pavement, and onto your driveway.  If you’ve ever felt that hard jolt when your car’s mounted the pavement, then you’ll appreciate how they can make life easier for your …

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Driveway Planning Permission

So you’re thinking about getting a new driveway? You might be starting from scratch, replacing an existing drive with block paving, tarmac, imprinted concrete, or maybe widening it. But what are the things you need to know before contacting a recommended paving contractor and work commences? Here’s our concise, no-nonsense guide to getting your block …

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