What Kind of Driveway Is Most Affordable, Versatile, and Easy to DIY In Birmingham?

diy gravel drive in birmingham

Are you considering laying down some paving? A new driveway perhaps? Or maybe a walkway from the back door to your garden? When it comes to paving over parts of your garden for any purpose, gravel is the best choice if you have a tight budget to work with. Of course, there are far better methods to build with and in some circumstances, your needs may outweigh what you can afford.

If versatility is what you require, and not so much affordability concrete is a good choice, as long as you don’t do something really stupid like smash it with a hammer, concrete will last much longer than gravel will.

Both gravel and concrete are also good driveway choices. Gravel is just a load of tiny rocks that need to be laid correctly, where concrete you can either pour and lay or for people wanting a more intrinsic textural appeal you can shape patterns into the concrete, for example, a block paving type design, this is known as pattern imprinted concrete.

However, we advise using an expert block paving Birmingham contractor to do so due to the need for not only pouring, spreading but the actual design and tamping of the concrete.  If your having to work on a larger area with concrete this may require the addition of steel reinforcements to prevent damage from heavy traffic use and that factor may be enough to keep it from becoming a viable DIY project for yourself and into the hands of an expert.

Resurfacing concrete is an easy job for someone who wants to learn about laying a concrete drive and has the patience to do the job correctly. Remember that concrete does not dry; it cures, so it is important to clean all of the tools you use before the concrete mix can harden on them. Also, keep in mind that resurfacing concrete can be rather physically difficult. Make sure you are up to the task or call a professional and their team to complete the job for you.

If you have a flair for design, and back-breaking labour doesn’t scare you, then the answer may lie in good old-traditional block paving. The method in which bricks are laid in a specific design like basket weave and herringbone just to name a few are the best type of paving to use for a driveway at home. The only major problem with this method is you need to get the concrete base and sub-base spot on or this can lead to potential drainage issues and bricks coming out of place.

So really when it comes to the relative affordability, ease of doing it yourself and versatility, you almost have to consider using gravel from a place like Discounts Builders Merchants in Tipton.

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