Aston Villa FC

When considering historical relevance, there are very few clubs from across the globe that are able to compete with Aston Villa. Over and above being the oldest o the football clubs based in Britain, Villa was also the originator for the Football League, which was the best flight in this country until 1992, when the Premier League was formed.

The early history of Aston Villa FC, showed that Villa happened to be highly consistent side in English football, were they went onto win a variety of League Cup and First Division, FA Cup titles. They are also one in only five of the English clubs that have won the Champions League or European Cup title.

  • The History

Aston Villa Football Club, situated in Birmingham, was first founded in the year 1874, by 4 cricket players, who were in search of an activity to participate in over the winter break. This club was founded around a year before Birmingham City (known as Small Heath Alliance until the year 1905), the city rival.

In the year 1885, William McGregor, the president of the club recognized that they needed to find a way to keep fans interested in this game along with 11 other leading English clubs in this period. In 1888, Villa founded the Football League, which was led by George Ramsay. They went onto quickly prove that they were the most dominant of the sides in the Victorian era. Villa, claimed 5 First Division titles along with 3 FA Cups before the 19th century.

As the popularity of football continued to expand, many of the other clubs started emerging as contenders for this throne. However, Villa maintained their dominance after they went onto win another FA Cup in the year 1905, which was followed by their 6th First Division title in the year 1910. This was followed up by another 2 FA Cup victories in 1913. The golden era of this club came to an end, due to the First World War.

  • The New Era Following The Golden Days

Even though Villa began the post-war period in the way of claiming yet another FA Cup in the year 1920, it was soon obvious that the best years for this club were in the past. After a period of significant decline, this club was demoted to the Second Division in the year 1936. They failed to win any trophies again until the year 1957, with a victory over a club by the name of the Busby Babes in the FA Cup final. In the year 1961, Villa added another trophy to their collection when they won the Inaugural League Cup.

In 1970, Villa suffered a new low and were relegated to the 3rd Division, which resulted in the club appointing Ron Saunders as their new coach. By 1975, the club managed to move back into the First Division, and in the same year they went onto win a League Cup. Saunders had the ability to recognize talented players along with his “no-nonsense” approach when it came to his coaching, the good results for Villa continued well into the 80s.

Villa Park, Birmingham B6 6HE