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Driveway Block Paving in Birmingham

Also known as brick paving, it’s durable, attractive and easy-to-maintain compared to some other driveway surfaces. If you’re thinking of having block paving for your driveway and are looking for more information, then you’ve come to the right place.

As block paving experts we know more than  for the whole of Birmingham and we’re going to have a quick, jargon-free look at what the advantages are of block paving, your options when it comes to style and how to maintain. With over a decades worth of experience we know what we’re talking about and have you covered.

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Hard-Wearing Block Paved Driveway

Various Block Paving Patterns

One advantage block paving has over the likes of tarmac and gravel is the choice it offers when it comes to design.  There are plenty of colour and pattern options to ensure your drive is not only practical but is tailored both to your style and the rest of your property.

The most common brick colours are charcoal, grey and a golden colour known as buff.  Patterns made with different coloured bricks are always in demand as well.  The most popular combinations tend to be:

Brindle: A mix of red and charcoal bricks

Autumn: Red, brown and buff

Burnt Ochre: Brown and charcoal

These bricks can be fashioned into a range of different laying patterns.  Herringbone – where blocks are laid diagonally or at right-angles to each other – is very popular.  There’s also Stretcher Bond (bricks laid in the same pattern as a wall) or the more intricate Basket Weave design.

This type of driveway install can also accommodate borders and shapes such as diamonds within the design.

Block paving is an excellent option for drives, walkways, patios, gravel paths and more. They provide a neat, finished appearance while blending nicely with other hardscaping materials. There are several varieties of block paving including granite, York stone, limestone or cobblestone. The latter (cobble) has a charm that is not found in other kinds of paving, and it’s suitable for any home, regardless of the style.

Block paving can come in many colors and styles to add visual appeal to your home and is a perfect choice for the homeowner who wants to create a traditional and timeless appeal in their garden and driveway area. For more info on block paving Birmingham call us today.

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We offer a full suite of services to go from scratch to stunningly sleek driveway installation. We want our customers to be happy, so we aim to get you what you need. A competitive price from a local company, alongside other companies in Birmingham uk when it comes to quality.

We’re experts in our landscaping field, with an ever-growing number of satisfied customers across the West Midlands from Sutton Coldfield, Bournville, Bromsgrove and Solihull. From selecting the right design surface, excavation and installation, we’re with you every step, leaving you with the perfect addition to your home.

Because everybody’s home is unique, we offer a wide range of services to suit all needs. You might be looking for a driveway with distinctive patterns or a new garden patio design that enhances your property and its overall value. You might want a path or steps to a seating area in your garden or look more attractive than ever by adding a driveways extension or creating a stunning new patio.

Using excellent craftsmanship and employing our team, we will lay durable and visually appealing materials to you and, at the end of every day, keep your property clean and tidy. We do all the hard work, so you don’t need to.

We’re delighted that you’re considering us here at Majesticlay for your driveway construction needs. Recommended for building patios and driveways, we focus on finding the perfect design to match your home’s architecture. You may know exactly what you’re after; you may not have decided where to begin your next landscaping project. Either way, we’re here for you.

We aim to help you by giving you the information to choose the right driveway for your home. Irrespective of whether it’s tarmac or block paving, we’re here to give you reliable, accurate and helpful information.

Paved surfaces are attractive, practical and easy to maintain. That’s why, at Majesticlay, we offer both the perfect service and peace of mind.

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Block paving is a wonderful addition to any yard, but it can be damaged by weeds, because the pores are not completely sealed and that allows them to grow through. After a block paving has settled, it is important that the surface be sealed. Sealing will give the paving a longer life span, making them very cost effective. Sealing the surface can help protect it from the elements, and make it more comfortable to walk on.

Block paving has a strong visual impact, but they can cost a lot to replace so the longevity of your paving can be increased with simple sealer treatments.

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